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Our congress "Amor docet musicam – musica docet amorem. Music and love in Early Modern Times" takes place from 26th to 28th March 2009 at the University of Osnabrueck.

"Love teaches music" is a popular saying that can be found on a number of Early Modern emblems – we have chosen one of them as our logo. Not only love teaches to sing, however, but also music teaches how to love &ndash through love songs or operas. Thus we have turned around the words of the old device and added "musica docet amorem" to our title. Music and love have a very close relationship. The history of secular music begins with love songs and until today love has remained the central topic of music: in its texts and also in its contexts. What is it that makes music and love such an important couple for the history of western culture? Which role does music play for the rituals of love and which influences have concepts of love on music? The congress will deal with these questions for the period of Early Modern Times. We have invited musicologists, historians, scholars of literature, philosophers and art historians from the USA, England, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.