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Brooks, Jeanice

Ebbersmeyer, Sabrina

Fischer, Carolin

Fischer, Michael

Song and Love discourse in the Gutenberg–Galaxy:
The Function of Love Songs in the Early Period of Popular Music in Germany

Gerbino, Giuseppe
Grosch, Nils
Hanheide, Stefan
Helms, Dietrich
Jans, Markus
Keener, Shawn Marie

Koal, Valeska

Lorenzetti, Stefano
Meine, Sabine
Muller, Dominique
Reddy, William M.
Rode-Breymann, Susanne
Schnell, Rüdiger
Schwindt, Nicole

„A ce bon jour ayez pité de my“: Ritualization of Chansons in the Early 15th Century

Unseld, Melanie

Love Discourse in „Gli Asolani“ and its Revival through Antonia Bembo

Waczkat, Andreas

„Es ist je besser zwey denn eins“ Representation and Virtue in Wedding Music of the Early Modern Period

Ziane, Alexandra

Affetti amorosi spirituali – Sacred Emotions of Love in Italian Music around 1600